URBANAND Bubble Shampoo dan Bubble Treatment

It was the first time I heard brand "Urbanand", a K-brand which specialized their products on bodycare and haircare. I've got 2 products from Picky, Urbanand Bubble Shampoo and Bubble Treatment. I was also the first time I knew about bubble haircare. Wanna know what so special about both Urbanand haircare products? 

URBANAND Bubble Shampoo & Bubble Treatment

These bubble shampoo and bubble treatment promotes healthy scalp and hair by washing down the hair with tight foams which contain cica and green propolis that cleans the scalp gently and also nourish the weak hair. 

The box was huge, contained 2 bottles of 500 ml, each. Bubble Shampoo's bottle is white with grey pump, and Bubble Treatment's one is yellow with white pump and safety seal on it's neck to prevent spilling products while shipment. 

Key ingredients
Green propolis

✅ Low pH soft bubble
✅ Gently cleanses
✅ Nourishes 
✅ Moisturizes weak hair

Both products has same white bubble, texture and herbal scent. They are easy to pump. 

How I use: 
1. Wash hair with bubble shampoo, cleanse
2. Dry hair with towel, spread bubble treatment onto hair, leave in about 1 minute, rinse

🤍 Result: 
They are the real bubble haircare. After about 2 weeks I use both of them, hair feels healthier, soft and smooth. I love it! And I've been using these products for almost 2 months. 

Final verdict

It's been huge and sturdy packaging, I love it anyway. An innovation since there is no local bubble haircare product in Indonesia yet. We don't have to foam on hand first, just apply it direct onto hair. I actually love my previous shampoo scent, but their scent do not bother my nose anyway. Overall, I love these bubble shampoo and bubble treatment, especially the effect on my hair. And I think they are deserve to get 4.5 of 5

Unfortunately these products are not available in Indonesia yet. I've asked to Urbanand official Instagram where to buy them here, they didn't answer. 

So, have you tried bubble shampoo and bubble treatment? Do you like them? Or you have other favorite haircare? Tell me on comment column. 

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  • Siti Nurhayati
    Siti Nurhayati March 11, 2023 at 3:01 AM

    how poor I am cannot find this product in Indonesia, because I believe this product can solve my hair problems

    • Pipit ZL ceritaoryza.com
      Pipit ZL ceritaoryza.com March 11, 2023 at 3:43 PM


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